ARC success story – Ms. Sandra Herrera

Ms. Sandra Herrera, Geocycle

Ms. Sandra Herrera joined ARC in the fall of 2014 and worked as a research assistant providing technical support for the project conducted in collaboration with the U.S. DOE Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to support U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Environmental Management clean up mission. After graduation from FIU with MS degree in Environmental Engineering in Spring 2016 she moved with her husband to  Zurich, Switzerland. She recently got a position in Geocycle, which is a leading provider of industrial and municipal waste management services. This company works with private and public investors to prevent plastic waste from reaching the ocean. Sandra is a part of the team that improving land-based waste management systems in four  pilot countries, Egypt, Mexico, Morocco and Philippines. Her project is focusing on the waste  re-use & recycling best practice by using non-recyclable plastics for local co-processing in cement kilns. We are very happy for Sandra and confident that her knowledge and experience on DOE-related project will bring big value to the company.

Congratulations Sandra!

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