“Consent Based Siting of Nuclear Waste Management Facilities” by Mr. Jim Voss, Managing Director, WMS

“Consent Based Siting of Nuclear Waste Management Facilities” by Mr. Jim Voss

August 24, 2015 | 10:00 am  | MARC Building International Pavilion, FIU MMC

Mr. James (Jim) Voss is the managing director of Waste Management Symposia, Inc., a Non-profit organization dedicated to the safe management of nuclear material. Manages the largest conference in the world focused on this topic, held annually in March in Arizona. Global support of nuclear materials management efforts. He received a bachelor’s and master’s in Nuclear Engineering from university of Arizona. James Voss is a nuclear engineer with 35 years of professional experience associated with the safe management of nuclear materials. He has been responsible for nuclear waste engineering and radioactive facility and site remediation activities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, Hungary and other countries. Mr. Voss has been the chief executive of companies in the US, Europe and Australia, including raising venture capital, project debt, establishing securitized revenue streams, and executing corporate strategic initiatives. He is a Director of companies in the US and the UK, a Fellow of the UK Nuclear Institute, a licensed engineer in the European Union (EurIng) and a Chartered Engineer in the UK.

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