Mr. James Voss of Waste Management Symposia, Named Chair of Florida International University’s Applied Research Center (FIU ARC) Advisory Board

Mr. James Voss, ARC Advisory Board Chair President and Managing Director Waste Management Symposia, Inc

Mr. James Voss, ARC Advisory Board Chair President and Managing Director Waste Management Symposia, Inc

TEMPE, ARIZONA – July 8, 2016 – WM Symposia, Inc. today announced that its Managing Director, Mr. James Voss, has accepted the position of Chair of the prestigious Florida International University Applied Research Center (FIU ARC) Advisory Board.  WM Symposia, Inc. has been a corporate sponsor of the FIU ARC Advisory Board since 2015, and a supporter of the FIU ARC Workforce Development Program since 2008.

Mr. James Voss is the Managing Director of WM Symposia, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the safe management of nuclear material. In this role, he manages the largest conference in the world focused on this topic, held annually in March in Arizona. This organization provides global support of nuclear materials management efforts. He received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nuclear engineering from the University of Arizona.  Mr. Voss is a nuclear engineer with 40 years of professional experience associated with the safe management of nuclear materials. He has been responsible for nuclear waste engineering and radioactive facility and site remediation activities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, Hungary and other countries.  Mr. Voss has been the Chief Executive of companies in the US, Europe and Australia, including raising venture capital, project debt, establishing securitized revenue streams, and executing corporate strategic initiatives.  He is a Director of companies in the US, the UK, and Australia, a Fellow of the UK Nuclear Institute, a licensed engineer in the European Union (EurIng) and a Chartered Engineer in the UK.  Mr. Voss is also an Honorary Reader at University College London (Australia).

Dr. Ines Triay, Executive Director of the ARC, commented, “We are pleased to welcome Mr. James Voss as Chair of the FIU ARC Advisory Board and look forward to Mr. Voss’s involvement in FIU ARC’s role in addressing some of the nation’s most pressing environmental and energy challenges.”

Mr. Voss stated, “I am honored to serve as Chair of the FIU ARC Advisory Board, and work alongside other successful companies and accomplished executives from the industry.  I am looking forward to helping FIU ARC advance its mission to develop research and emerging talented students from FIU.”

Dr. Leonel Lagos, Director of Research at ARC, commented, “This is a great opportunity for ARC, Jim and WMS have been tremendous supporters of the FIU Program and have facilitated participation of our DOE Fellows at the WMS since 2008. Jim’s knowledge of our industry and entrepreneurial spirit will add tremendous potential to ARC’s growth.”

About Florida International University Applied Research Center (FIU ARC)

FIU ARC is a premier leader delivering research and development solutions to government and industry challenges, and their mission is to lead, integrate, and deliver multidisciplinary research and development solutions in environment, energy, and information technology to meet customer commitments on time and at cost.  The FIU ARC Advisory Board is a representative group of individuals who are engaged in national and international organizations, including business, non-profit, and governmental organizations—and who contribute their support, wisdom, and expertise to shape, enrich, and sustain the research mission and programs of FIU and the Center.


WM SYMPOSIA, INC. continues to be the premier non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and information exchange on global radioactive waste management. The annual Waste Management Conference, presented by WM Symposia, attracts thousands of registrants from around the world and is widely regarded as the premier international conference for radioactive waste management and disposal, decommissioning, packaging & transportation, facility siting and site remediation.  Over 2,000 industry specialists and managers from more than 40 countries participate in the annual conference where over 600 technical presentations and 62 special panels are held.

By holding the annual Waste Management Symposia (WMS) international conference for the management of radioactive waste and related topics, WMS provides the premier open forum for discussing and seeking safe, environmentally responsible, technically sound and cost effective solutions to the management and disposition of radioactive wastes and the decommissioning of nuclear facilities to enhance the transparency and credibility of the global radioactive waste industry.

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