“Uranium from Seawater” by Costas Tsouris, Ph.D.

“Uranium from Seawater” by Costas Tsouris, Ph.D.

September 11, 2015 | 3:00 pm  | SIPA Building Room 103, FIU MMC

Dr. Tsouris’ research interests include:

  • Separations for energy applications: Separations processes focused on nuclear fuel production and reprocessing including uranium recovery from seawater, nuclear fuel reprocessing, liquid extraction, phase separations, magnetic separations
  • Process intensification, process innovation: Novel chemical processes focused on substantially enhancing process efficiency by using external fields, such as electric; magnetic; and gravity fields, combining reaction/separation, reducing the dimensions of process equipment, etc.
  • Carbon capture and storage: Methods to capture and effectively store carbon dioxide from power-plant flue gas, integrated assessment of carbon capture and storage (CCS)
  • Gas hydrates: Carbon dioxide storage in the deep ocean, natural gas production
  • Capacitive deionization (desalination): Electrosorption of ions and electrical double-layer formation in capacitive deionization and energy storage devices.

Costas Tsouris is a chemical engineer with a Diploma of Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, and Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from Syracuse University.  He joined ORNL in 1992 and has worked in the Chemical Technology, Nuclear Science and Technology, Environmental Sciences, and Energy and Transportation Science.  Since 2003, he holds a Joint Faculty appointment with the Georgia Institute of Technology and ORNL.

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This event is open to the public.
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