• HBCU/MIs are an invaluable resource to the mentor in providing assistance to the protégé by encompassing maximum utilization of faculty, students, school facilities and business related subcontract opportunities with the mentor and/or protégé.
  • As an Hispanic serving institution, the Applied Research Center at Florida International University (FIU-ARC) acts as a single point of contact for program activities, providing both Mentor and Protégé access to the broad array of intellectual and infrastructure resources of the University. These resources are utilized for the delivery and execution of the products and services committed in the program.
  • Services of FIU-ARC are coordinated and provided by mid-career professionals who are dedicated full-time to program task assignments, and who perform this work in a project management environment. 
  • FIU-ARC offers programs in which students are involved as a fundamental part of Mentor-Protégé project tasks. In this way the benefit is not only for students who get exposure to real protégé and mentor working situations, but also for executives of these firms, who in turn are able to identify outstanding candidates for employment after graduation.

    ARC’s distinctive advantage


    • As an operating business unit of Florida International University, FIU-ARC has extensive experience in small business development and, in particular, the DoD Mentor-Protégé program. 
    • The Center’s proven successful path on the Mentor-Protégé program is reflected and evidenced by participation in several Nunn-Perry award-winning teams throughout the past nine years.
    • FIU-ARC’s objectives are; complete client satisfaction and consistent quality in our deliverables.
    • Main advantages of FIU-ARC on M-P services include:
      • Personal and extensive knowledge of Mentor and Protégé needs
      • A close approach in helping companies to tap into the specific and unique intellectual and infrastructure resources of the University through an insider’s perspective and understanding
      • Development and implementation of tailor-made solutions
      • Professionalism and experience
      • Exceptionally well-equipped scientific expertise. Firms interacting with FIU-ARC can, at any given time, access a multidisciplinary, industry-experienced team of scientists, engineers and business professionals that are developing next-generation, integrated solutions that, in combination with the University’s resources, are able to provide tailored-to-requirements expertise in business improvement, technology transfer, engineering, energy, and information technology, as well as other priority technical matters for mentors and protégés with the quality and value of a top-ranked research University.