Goldschmidt Meeting Highlight

Dr. Yelena Katsenovich and a post doc associate Dr. Daria Boglaienko attended the Goldschmidt Conference in Boston on August 12-17 where they presented research conducted at the Applied Research Center at Florida International University in support of the Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management and the Department of Energy Minority Serving Institution Partnership Program (MSIPP) managed by the Savannah River National Laboratory.

Dr. Boglaienko presented results of experiments conducted to investigate the removal efficiency of technetium-99 from the liquid phase via reductive sorption of soluble Tc(VII). This work is conducted in collaboration with Dr. Tatiana Levitskaia from PNNL. The study is developing a potential method to separate the radioactive contaminant (99Tc) from off-gas condensate to be recovered from the low activity waste vitrification facility at the DOE Hanford Site.

Dr. Katsenovich presented an overview of the research that the Soil and Groundwater Research Group at ARC is conducting to examine the effect of aqueous chemistry on the removal of uranium in synthetic pore water solutions as well as the impact of sediments and mineral phases. The Hanford Site is currently considering injection of reactive gases such as ammonia to decrease uranium mobility in the vadose zone via creation of alkaline pore water conditions. This research is conducted in collaboration with Dr. Jim Szecsody from PNNL.


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