Vishal Musaramthota awarded FIU’s Student Life Award

Excerpt from FIU News “Students honored at 2016 Student Life Awards” (

Presidential Award

Vishal Musaramthota

Vishal Musaramthota

Described as a leader, mentor, teacher, and a cutting edge researcher and scholar in material science and engineering, Vishal Musaramthota is changing the world. At FIU, Vishal has served in various leadership capacities in student organizations, including The Materials Advantage – FIU, a student organization that serves to evoke interest in material science for students in the College of Engineering and Computing. The organization has been awarded as Chapter of Excellence for 6 consecutive years among all schools in the U.S.

Vishal has also served the local community, working with public schools over the past five years. He showcases FIU laboratories to students from K-12 during FIU’s Engineering Gala and is committed to aiding younger generations of scientists and engineers.

Vishal has also served as a coordinator with NGO Child Rights and You, an agent of change that works to ensure the fundamental rights of underprivileged children in India are protected and honored.

As part of the Applied Research Center, Vishal has focused on conducting composite bonding studies for the Federal Aviation Administration’s Joint Advanced Materials and Structures Center of Excellence. Vishal’s doctoral research work is of significant importance to the FAA as it employs composites to reduce the weight of aircrafts.

Vishal has also demonstrated a unique ability to apply his skill sets to a variety of scientific disciplines. For example, he has supported a number of other research efforts including projects in the biomedical, Nano medicine and ground water remediation fields, all while conducting his own doctoral research.

Vishal has presented his research in 25 national and international conferences, and published 16 articles in various journals and conferences, including Scientific Reports, considered one of the top journals in the scientific community.

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