D&D Knowledge Management System

The D&D KM-IT is a web-based knowledge management information tool custom built for the D&D user community. This system is developed by Florida International University – Applied Research Center (FIU-ARC) in collaboration with Department of Energy (DOE EM20), EFCOG, and the ALARA Centers at Hanford and Savannah River. The system can access at https://www.dndkm.org

D&D Knowledge Management System (www.dndkm.org)
D&D Knowledge Management System (www.dndkm.org)

D&D KM-IT makes excellent use of the knowledge that already exists within the D&D community. D&D KM-IT allows D&D project managers around the DOE complex to share innovative ideas, lessons learned, past experiences, and practices; and to collaborate virtually on the implementation of proven processes and practices. The system allows interested users to post questions/problems related to specific area of interest in the area of decontamination and decommissioning (D&D). The question/problem is routed to a preselected subject matter specialist (SMS) who, based on his/her experience, provides a technical solution to the posted question/problem. The provided answer is published over the web after content coordinator (CC) review.

D&D KM-IT provides secured user registration, role management, custom work flow, basic/advanced search, problem / solution fact sheets, and link / document management.

For more information visit D&D KM-IT at https://www.dndkm.org