Geodatabase Development for Hydrological Modeling Support

ARC-FIU researchers have developed a geodatabase to support the hydrological work being performed at at Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR), TN, which serves as a centralized data management system, making the large amounts of data generated from the simulations of contaminant fate and transport accessible to all users. The geodatabase facilitates storage, concurrent editing and import/export of model configuration and output data that is specific to the hydrologic models being used.

Multi-user editing and versioning capability of the ORR geodatabase

Multi-user editing and versioning capability of the ORR geodatabase

Benefits of this project include:

  • Centralized storage, backup, access and management of model configuration files and computed simulation data (which in many cases exceed 20 GB per simulation).
  • Data organized into a structured, coherent, and logical computer-supported system that can be used to automate and simplify retrieval of stored GIS and timeseries data.
  • Versioning tools that enable proper security management and quality assurance while data editing.
  • A database structure that enables linkage with scalable hydrologic modeling tools and applications that model hydrologic systems.

The ArcGIS geodatabase is an XML-based GIS data exchange system which facilitates the export and import of preconfigured data as XML files which can contain both the data definition and the data itself.