The Applied Research Center is developing strategies that use natural processes to control contamination in soil and groundwater.



Secure and affordable water supplies are the building blocks for economic growth and competitiveness. The Applied Research Center has expertise, instrumentation, dedicated laboratories, and pilot-scale facilities to tackle multidisciplinary problems in water treatment and purification processes, energy-efficient  water cleanup, surface water and groundwater pollution characterization, hydrology and hydrogeology, contaminant fate and transport, and sampling and analysis.

The Applied Research Center (ARC) provides design and analysis of water infrastructure systems, including: water supply, wastewater treatment, effluent disposal and reuse systems

  1. Water Treatment Systems – Development and design of efficient conventional and alternative drinking and waste water treatment systems; Integration of renewable technologies with conventional treatment systems.
  2. Storm water drainage and flood protection – Drainage, hydrologic, hydrodynamic and water quality models of catchments, estuaries, tidal marsh, and coastal systems using state of the art computational software;
  3. Water resources engineering Analysis of existing and design of new water infrastructure, including dams, levees, canals, pump stations and culverts. Integrated surface and ground water hydrological models; Best management strategies
  4. Water Conveyance Systems – Design new and analyze existing systems, develop numerical models and provide simulation and analysis of water conveyance systems including control structures, Wastewater collection systems, Water distribution systems, Storm water collection, Rivers and canals, Control structures, Pump stations, Culverts, Bridge scour
  5. Environmental remediation – design and development of cost efficient remediation alternatives, Modeling of nutrient and pollutant fate transport in ground and surface water.
  6. GIS Technologies for Water Resources – GIS for land use, hydrological and water resources; Geostatistical analysis of hydrological data and pre- and post-processing of GIS data; Automation of data processing through scripting and programming.

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