Daria Boglaienko

Postdoctoral Associate


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Daria Boglaienko, Postdoctoral Associate

Daria Boglaienko, Postdoctoral Associate

Daria Boglaienko is a postdoctoral associate at the Applied Research Center. She works on a project related to recovery of technetium from Hanford’s low activity waste off-gas condensate.

Daria received her PhD in environmental engineering and MS in environmental studies from Florida International University with outstanding academic achievement awards for both degrees. She also holds MS in ecology and environmental protection, and BS in ecology from National Technical University in Ukraine. Her previous research experience had interdisciplinary character and encompassed biogas production and anaerobic digestion processes; gas stream neutralization from organic contaminants; cover crop study with soil analyses and microbiology; and oil spills capture method development using natural granular materials.


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Boglaienko, D., Soti, P., Shetty, K.G., and Jayachandran, K. (2014). Buckwheat as a cover crop in Florida: mycorrhizal status and soil analysis. Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, 38 (9): 1033-1046.

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