Muhammad Hakim

Application Developer

EC 2184

Muhammad Hakim, Application Developer

Muhammad Hakim, Application Developer

Mr. Muhammad Hakim is an Application Developer at Florida International University’s Applied Research Center (ARC). He has received his B.S in Computer Science from Bangladesh University of Eng. & Tech. and M.S in Computer Science from Florida International University. Hakim was actively involved in cybersecurity research during his academic years. He also holds multi-year industry experience working as a Software Engineer. Currently, at ARC, Hakim is involved in the Department of Defense (DOD) funded research project. He leads the virtualization team to develop advanced threat detection and mitigation techniques on a virtualized environment. He is also actively mentoring graduate and undergraduate students as part of the Cyber Fellow program by providing them training and technical support. Along with his work at ARC, he is also interested in virtualization, cloud security and IoT security.

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