Yan Zhou

Postdoctoral Associate


EC 1239



Yan Zhou, Postdoctoral Associate

Yan Zhou, Postdoctoral Associate

Dr. Yan Zhou focuses on surface and subsurface hydrologic modeling with background in surface/groundwater interactions, water quality monitoring and modeling, GIS and remote sensing.

Yan received his Ph. D. in the area of Biosystems Engineering with an emphasis on numerical modeling of streamflow, subsurface interactions and solute transport. He led and participated in a range of water quality and quantity research topics including quantifying groundwater flux using its thermal signature on stream water (thermal equilibrium method, TEM), numerical modeling of stream water temperature to improve the thermal regime for fishes by regulating hypolimnetic release, and characterizing hyporheic exchange in subsurface preferential flow systems based on tracer tests data.

At ARC, Yan participated in collaborative research support for the Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management. His ongoing projects involve coupled surface-groundwater hydrologic modeling, prediction of transport and fate of heavy metal contaminates, and development of digital elevation model (DEM) using photogrammetric methods with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

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