The Applied Research Center at Florida International University

In order to fully harness Florida International University 's expanding applied research and technology base, the University has established a stand-alone, university-wide Applied Research Center . The Center's focus is to solve real-world problems through multi-disciplinary research collaborations within the University's increasingly talented applied and basic research units. The Applied Research Center will be uniquely structured and staffed to allow for free-flowing exchange of ideas between the University's applied researchers, academia, government, private sector and industry partners.

The Applied Research Center is organized into three core research areas:

  • Environment

    • Deactivation & Decommissioning
    • Geographic Information System
    • Mechanics and Materials
    • Soil
    • Waste Processing
    • Water Resources

  • Energy

    • Nuclear
    • Renewable
    • Clean Coal

  • Information Technology

    • Cyber Security
    • Enterprise Solutions
    • Mobile Applications

Under the leadership of its Executive Director, the Center reports to Florida International University 's Division of Research. An External Advisory Board, encompassing leaders from the private and public sectors, participates actively in the Center's growth and development. The Florida International University Applied Research Council, a team of University deans, executives and faculty guide the development of the Center's programs.