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Executive Director

Dr. Inés Triay

Executive Director of the FIU Applied Research Center (ARC)

Dr. Inés Triay, is the Executive Director of the Applied Research Center (ARC) at Florida International University (FIU). The Center’s focus is to solve real-world problems in partnership with government and private industry through multi-disciplinary research collaborations within the University’s increasingly talented applied and basic research units. Dr. Triay joined FIU in October 2012 after a distinguished history as scientist and administrator at the Department of Energy (DOE), which includes positions as Assistant Secretary for the DOE’s Office of Environmental Management.

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Dr. Inés Triay - Executive Director of the Applied Research Center (ARC)


Amer Awwad

Amer Awwad

Senior Research Scientist

Bio EC 2105 Email 305.348.1676
Angelique-Lawrence headshot

Angelique Lawrence

Research Specialist II, Environmental Scientist/GIS Analyst

Bio EC2101  E-Mail 305.348.2590

Anthony Abrahao

Research Scientist

Bio EC 2162 Email 305.348.1778
Aparna Aravelli, Research Engineer

Aparna Aravelli

Research Scientist

Bio EC 2235 Email 305.348.8219
Dr. J. Chris Ford, Mission-to-Market Manager

Chris Ford

Principal Scientist

Bio EC 1262 Email 305.348.1817
Claudia Benitez

Claudia Benitez

Assistant Director of Finance & HR

EC 2180 Email 305.348.1824
Clint Miller, Cyber Systems Engineer (IT)

Clint Miller

Cyber Systems Engineer(IT)

Bio EC 2233 Email 305.348.2147
David C. Kadko, Associate Director and Professor

David C. Kadko (1951-2022)

Associate Director and Professor

Bio In Memory of Dr. Kadko
Dave Roelant

David Roelant

Principal Scientist

Bio EC 2141 Email 305.348.6625
Dwayne McDaniel Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Dwayne McDaniel

Associate Professor, MME

Bio EC 2108 Email 305.348.6554
Gloria Dingeldein

Gloria Dingeldein

Associate Director

EC 2172 Email 305.348.1606
Himanshu Upadyay

Himanshu Upadhyay

Program Director (Artificial Intelligence & Cyber), Associate Professor (ECE)

Bio EC2142  E-Mail 305.348.6603

Ines Triay

Executive Director

Bio EC 2174 Email 305.348.6622
Jayesh Soni. Postdoctoral Associate

Jayesh Soni

Postdoctoral Associate

Bio EC 1237 Email 305.348.0511
Jose Rivera

Jose Rivera

Research Analyst

Bio EC 2163 Email 305.348.1872
Joseph Sinicrope

Joseph Sinicrope

Research Scientist

Bio EC2170 Email 305.348.0084
Leonel Lagos, ARC Director of Research

Leonel Lagos

Associate Professor, Moss Construction Management, Director of Research, ARC

Bio EC 2182 Email 305.348.1810

Mackenson Telusma

Research Specialist II, Robotics Research Lab Specialist

Bio EC 2101 Email 305.348.4238

Margoth Osco

Coordinator of Administrative Services

EC 2181 Email 305.348.1813
Mark Stevens

Mark Stephens

Research Scientist

Bio EC1229  E-Mail 305.348.8354
Mayren Echeverria, Postdoctoral Associate

Mayren Echeverria Boan

Research Specialist I

Bio EC 1233 Email 305.348.9978
Mellissa.Komninakis, Research Analyst I

Mellissa Komninakis

Research Analyst

Bio EC 2183 Email 305.348.7915
Muhil Prabakar, Research Specialist I

Muhil Prabakar

Research Specialist I

Bio EC 1239 Email 305.348.8225
Pieter Hazenberg, Sr. Research Scientist

Pieter Hazenberg

Sr. Research Scientist

Bio EC 2184 Email 305-348-8218
Ravi Gudavalli

Ravi Gudavalli

Research Scientist

Bio EC 2171 Email 305.348.7207
Santosh Joshi, Data Architect

Santosh Joshi

Research Specialist II

Bio EC2231  E-Mail 305.348.2657
Walter Quintero Team Lead (IT)

Walter Quintero

Research Scientist, Team Lead (IT)

Bio EC 2106 Email 305.348.5012
Yelena Katsenovich, Research Scientist

Yelena Katsenovich

Sr. Research Scientist

Bio EC2104 E-Mail 305.348.2338
Yipeng He, Chemical Oceanographe

Yipeng He

Chemical Oceanographer

Bio EC 1239 Email 305.348.3592

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