Focus Areas

FIU's Applied Research Center is a worlds ahead research organization specializing in solving real-world problems through multi-disciplinary research.

Cyber Security & IT

ARC has been recognized as a global provider of advance and complex information technology enterprise solutions. Also as a leading cybersecurity research center and a mobile applications provider. Our solutions are tailored to deliver critical information for any industry while keeping our clients informed, connected and secure.

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Aerospace & Defense

At ARC, both applied and basic research are being conducted in areas of engineering that spans across multiple disciplines including Composites, Computational Mechanics and Robotics.

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Workforce Development

The Workforce Development Program is an innovative program between DOE-EM and FIU-ARC to create a “pipeline” of minority engineers specifically trained and mentored to enter the DOE workforce in technical areas of need.

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Radiochemistry Center of Excellence: Expanding the Horizons of Nuclear Forensics Analysis

March 17, 2017 | 11:00 am  | AHC4 Room 302 Nuclear forensics analysis is a growing area of study that is defined as “The technical field of interpreting signatures and other clues in or about potential nuclear threats, such as nuclear materials that have slipped outside of regulatory control, nuclear devices that could produce nuclear yield, and other classes of radiological threats such as Radiological Dispersal Devices (RDD) and Radiological Exposure Devices (RED)”. Furthermore,...

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