Journey to the Top of the World

May 19, 2016

FIU researcher leads team of U.S. scientists on international mission to map geochemistry of Arctic Ocean.

David Kadko, a professor and associate director of the Applied Research Center at FIU, was the chief scientist and lead principal investigator of the U.S. team. In this role he led 51 scientists, students and technicians who conducted experiments and collected samples from the ocean, atmosphere, ice, snow and sediments.

Read the full expedition article at and find out how Dr. David Kadko describes how his boyhood experiences in New York led him to become an oceanographer.

“I want everyone to step back, take a breath and realize what a ‘wow’ moment this is. This has never been done before. Probably never will be done again. I’m telling them to forever remember what we’ve been entitled to be a part of.” David Kadko

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