FIU’s Applied Research Center Conference Papers Recognized a “Superior Paper” at the 2018 Waste Management Symposia

The Waste Management Symposia (WMS) has announced the selection of “Superior Papers” for manuscripts submitted and presented at the Waste Management Symposia 2018 (WM18) held in Phoenix, AZ this past March. I’m pleased to announce that papers submitted and presented by Florida International University’s Applied Research Center (ARC) scientists and DOE Fellows have been selected as “Superior Papers” by the WM18 Technical Committee. The ARC papers include:


Leonel Lagos, ARC Director of Research

Dr. Leonel Lagos

Paper # 18636 “International Training to Promote Successful Environmental Remediation Projects” presented in Session # 137 Advancement in Technical Education and Training to Improve and Sustain Institutional Knowledge. The paper was presented by Dr. Leonel Lagos (ARC). The paper was developed in collaboration with Mrs. Karen Smith, Mrs. Lisa Durham, and Mr. Larry Boing (Argonne National Laboratory), Mrs. Natalia Latynova and Viktor Latynov (ROSATOM Technical Academy, Russian Federation), and Mr. Horst Monken-Fernandez (International Atomic Energy Agency).


Joseph Sinicrope

Mr. Joseph Sinicrope

Peggy Shoffner Research Scientist

Mrs. Peggy Shoffner

Paper # 18315 “International Standards Development and Its Role in Transitioning D&D Technologies to Deployment” presented in Session # 135 Robotics: Application of Innovative D&D Technologies and Remote Systems. The paper was presented by Mr. Joe Sinicrope (ARC). The paper was developed in collaboration with Mrs. Peggy Shoffner (ARC), Dr. Leonel Lagos (ARC), Dr. Connor Nicholson (Savannah River National Laboratory), and Dr. Rick Demmer (Idaho National Laboratory)


Mr. Alejandro Garcia

Paper # 18440 “Evaluating the Effects of Microbes on Autunite Dissolution and the SIP Response in Hanford Sediment” presented in Session # 138 Innovative Field Monitoring for Environmental Remediation. The paper was presented by DOE Fellow, Mr. Alejandro Garcia. The paper was developed in collaboration with Dr. Yelena Katsenovich (ARC), and Dr. Brady Lee (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)


Ravi Gudavalli

Dr. Ravi Gudavalli

Paper # 18581 “Study of Synergetic Interactions between Uranium, Humic Acid, Silica Colloids and SRS Sediments” presented in Session # 072d Chemical Approaches for Environmental Remediation – Posters. Dr. Ravi Gudavalli (ARC) presented the poster that was developed in collaboration with Ms. Alexis Smoot (ARC- DOE Fellow), Dr. Yelena Katsenovich (ARC) and Dr. Miles Denham (Savannah River National Laboratory). This paper summarizes the results obtained during the investigation of synergistic interactions between four key components: U (VI), humic acid (HA), colloidal silica and SRS sediment; the interactions were studied under pH 3 – 8.


Leonel E. Lagos, Ph.D., PMP®
Director of Research
Director – DOE Fellows Program
Graduate Faculty (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
Applied Research Center
Florida International University

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