Waste Information Management System

FIU’s Applied Research Center (ARC) is supporting the United States Department of Energy Headquarters in its mission to gather, organize, and display waste forecast data from across the DOE complex with the help of WIMS.

Waste Information Management System (www.emwims.org)
Waste Information Management System (www.emwims.org)

The overall objective of this project is to provide DOE HQ and site waste managers with the tools necessary to easily visualize, understand, and manage the vast volumes, categories, and problems of forecasted waste streams.  A comprehensive, web based Waste Information Management System (WIMS) supports following:

  • Expediting site waste management decisions
  • Providing DOE complex-wide information
  • Identifying, understanding and resolving existing barriers and choke points, and
  • Providing a mechanism for achieving the accelerated cleanup objectives

Benefits of developing and implementing WIMS include:

  • Assisting DOE and local sites in meeting individual site goals and milestones
  • Achieving improved efficiencies of scale when outsourcing treatment and disposal services by providing information regarding complex-wide waste streams
  • Providing information to technology vendors regarding DOE waste needs to plan future technology capacity
  • Sharing site-to-site resources and treatment capabilities to allow the sites to leverage capacity and expertise

WIMS is web based system which provides information on forecast waste flow, disposition maps, successor stream maps, GIS maps, reports, waste shipment, and printing.